Using my ninja superpower I spot the brilliance in your brand and highlight how you can make your brand shine brightly to win new clients
Stand Out From The Crowd With Brilliant Branding
We live in a hyper-connected world, where virtually everyone is online and it's super-competitive.
Building a brilliant brand, which you consistently & flawlessly execute, can help you stand out from the crowd and ultimately increase your revenue.
  • Are you proud of your online brand presence? 
  •  Are you standing out outline?  
  •  Are you different to your “competitors”?  
  •   Are you attracting your ideal clients?  
  •   Are you building the “know-like-trust” factor quickly?
If you've answered NO to at least 2 of these questions, your brand probably needs refining. 
I can help you with that.  The Brilliant Brand Audit is all about elevating your brand messaging, brand voice, brand tone and your visual identity, so that you're easily recognisable as the leader in your zone of genius. 

It's about being "loud and proud" with your branding so that you build authority, reputation and ultimately create a thriving & sustainable business built on your brand promise. 
Building a brilliant brand will:
  •  Make you instantly recognisable
  • Make it easier for you to be visible
  • Increase your referrals
  •  Increase your sales
With the Brilliant Brand Audit, you'll get my marketing ninja eyes on your brand.

I've spent the last 10 years at Adobe, being a brand guardian and I going to toot my own horn (in a very un-British way) I'm bloomin' marvellous at spotting what makes you brilliant! It's my number 1 strength.

This program will review up to 5 communication channels of your choice, includes 2 x 40 minute Skype calls plus one follow-up email.

More importantly, this program is about giving you the clarity & confidence to own the ongoing success of your business. All built on solid brand foundations so that you can scale your business.

Which Communications Channels Will Be Audited?
I call a "communication channel" anywhere your brand is exposed online.
So you get to choose a maximum of 5 channels from this list.

If you have another "communication channel" in mind, which isn't on this list, just ask me if I can cover it before you sign up.

  • Facebook: personal profile AND your Facebook personal page AND one Facebook Group 
  •  Instagram: your Instagram profile & last 30 posts
  •  LinkedIn: your LinkedIn personal profile AND your LinkedIn company profile (if you have one) 
  •   Your website: the homepage, the about page and one other page of your choice (not your blog) 
  •  Your email "nurture" sequence: up to 5 emails that you send when new members join your email list.
  •  Your offer landing pages: up to 3 landing pages/lead magnets.  
  •  Your blog: 1 blog only (up to 10 blog posts)
What Happens When I Sign Up?
Step 1: we talk!
Step 2: I stalk!
You’ll receive a link to my diary so we can have a 40-minute branding call to discuss you, your business history, and where you want your brand to take you. 

On the call, we'll decide which channels you want me to audit.

Not in a creepy way though! It's purely for audit purposes, darling! 
Plus you've given me permission to stalk you.
I'll probably friend you, and if you have a Facebook Group I'll ask to join it, I'll check out your website and your other social media profiles. So don't be surprised when you see me!

Step 3: I build your plan
Step 4: You receive your brand plan
Once I've stalked you, I'll document my brand recommendations.  
Of course, I'll highlight what you're doing super well. You will also receive very honest feedback on areas for improvements.
I'll then give you a PDF which gives you very specific recommendations on what you should change to make your brand shine.
The feedback will be bespoke to your brand and 100% personalised.
This is about you, and you are unique.

Step 5: We refine your plan
Step 6: I check in with you!
We will hop onto another 40-minute call.  
I want you to fully understand my recommendations. This is about helping you create a brilliant brand after all.

I will also check in with you two weeks after our brand audit call via email, to check-in and see how you are getting on making the suggested changes.


I want you to build a brilliant brand. 

Brilliant Branding Just Got Easier
We all have branding blindspots. When you live and breathe your brand, sometimes you don't realise how others see you.

With this brand audit you'll get independent eyes on you and your brand, and actionable recommendations on what you need to change so you build a brilliant brand.
  •  Be building a brilliant brand. Consistency is key to building a brilliant brand. So I will review your channels for brand consistency.
  •  Be more recognisable. There's a reason Coke is a globally recognised brand, yes it's consistency. So together we'll help your audience recognise your brand immediately. 
  •  Allow your message to shine through. This audit will focus entirely on you, and how we can make you immediately recognisable, even when you can't use your logo.
Don't let your Branding Blindspots hold your business back!
Brilliant Brand Audit Love!
Here's some branding love I've received from a delighted client, Sophie Edmond. 
"I wasn't consistently showing up with my brand and so I engaged with Liz Wilkins to help me.  She is an expert in her field and gave it to me straight yet in a practical and informative manner.  

Liz showed me what I needed to do and change, in order to have a consistent and informative message.  Her style is a no nonsense, this is what you got to do, kind of approach which I liked.  

The whole experience with her was timely, easy to follow and action. She also gave me some practical and instant solutions and ideas that I could implement straight away.

I would recommend Liz to others because she has a wealth of knowledge and experience. She really gets some of the struggles that people have with their businesses particularly when they are trying to establish themselves or indeed to take their business to the next level.

She really is a Marketing Ninja!"
Frequently Asked Questions
Why do you spell certain words wrong Liz e.g. colour, grey, maximise?
It's because I'm English and despite 20 years working at and for American companies, I still spell like a true Brit. Though occasionally I do use 'z' instead of 's'.
What's your brand experience Liz? 
I've got more than 20 years experience building corporate brands in sales & marketing. I can spot brilliant branding at 100 paces, which isn't bad considering I'm short-sighted.

Want to learn more about me, have a look at my career at Adobe
Liz, do you do the entire brand audit, or do you outsource any of it?
You have only my eyes on your brand, I don't outsource any of this service.
What happens if I've got another "communication channel" which isn't on the list?
Simply drop me an email at or PM me on Facebook @lizwilkins
What if I don't have 5 communication channels?
Simply drop me an email at or PM me on Facebook @lizwilkins
Does Liz implement the brand audit recommendations?
No, it's up to you to implement the recommendations.
 Do I really have to wait 10 working days for my brand audit recommendations Liz? 
Yes, once we've had our initial branding call it will take 10 working days. I'm usually faster than that, but I don't want to disappoint you, so please expect it to take me that long. I want to offer super suggestions. 
But Liz, what happens if I change my mind?  
Once you book your initial 40-minute brand call with me, the payment is non-refundable. 
I have more questions. Liz, how can I contact you? 
LEasy, ping me an email I usually respond in the same business day. I'm based in the UK, and only work Monday – Friday 10am to 4pm, unless there is a UK public holiday then I’m out with my family having fun. 

How Much Is It?
It's £995 for 5 communication channels. That's only £199 per channel

Please ensure that you have checked out the channels above, prior to purchase.

Once you've booked your branding call this service is non-refundable (see frequently asked questions above).
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