You're an expert in your zone of genius, you've got a brilliant brand.

But when you come to create slides for your presentations, webinars or courses your visuals just lack some oomph, even when you have a branded template.

That's where your marketing ninja steps in. 
 I spot the brilliance in your brand and revive your slides to create beautifully branded presentations, using my ninja superpowers.
What Is The Brilliant Brand Presentation Service?
This bespoke presentation service helps you to showcase your message so that it resonates with your audience.

Many entrepreneurs I meet have a brilliant brand. But their presentations suck! Yep, sorry, but they do.

Often presentations are designed with you, the presenter, in mind. Lots of text, in case you lose your train of thought mid-presentation or need a quick prompt.

Sorry, but that just doesn't work.

With the brilliant brand presentation service, I re-design your presentations for your audience.  I'll also give you my hacks on how you can keep on track with your presentation, without lots of words on a slide!
How do you want your audience to feel when they see your slides?
  • Do you want to:
  • Draw them in?
  •  Inspire them?
  • Build their curiosity?
  •  Education them?
  •  Engage them?

  • ... to the point where they want to buy from you. Even when you're not selling to them!  With the brilliant brand presentations they "buy into" you.
Brilliant presentations build your credibility and ultimately inspire your audience.

With a brilliant brand presentation your audience will be saying:

"Hell yeah! I want to work with that woman"
"I love this course"
"I want in now"
Brilliant Brand Presentations - Before & After
Here's a quick extract of a brilliant brand presentation I created for the lovely Sam Bearfoot. Sam is a Visibility Strategist & Instagram Growth Hacker. If you're struggling with Instagram, she's your go-to girl, she'll show you how to rock your hashtags!

Sam's brand is fantastic, and her personality shines through all of her content. She's a great gal. But if you were to look at some of her paid content she was doing herself a disservice.

So Sam engaged me to bring some ninja magic into her presentation content.

Do you want my expertise & eyes on your presentations?  Click here to book a call with me.
Now, I love feedback and I especially love a surprised and delighted customer!
Now Sam's a straight talking gal and super honest.

So when I sent her the brilliant brand version of her slides. This is what she said. 

The honest, unedited version.

She LOVED the slides. 

And whilst Sam's a pro at creating content, she had a branding blindspot when it came to her presentations.
Is This For Me?
If you want to increase the conversion of your webinars,  or wow your audience at networking events, you'll LOVE this service.

It's perfect for any business woman who uses presentations for webinars, courses, online programs, networking events or public speaking.

I've even helped entrepreneurs who already have a template created for them by their brand designer.  

This is NOT for you if your presentations are hot hot hot!
Brilliant Brand Presentations Ninja Thinking
I love PowerPoints because I think visually.  But PowerPoints need love, care and attention too.  Otherwise we can switch our audience off, and no-one wants to be guilty of "death by PowerPoint".

When I create PowerPoints for brands I spend my time getting to know you and your business.

To see behind my thinking watch this super quick video.
This short video showcases the branding love I gave to Sophie's PowerPoint presentations.

My clients, like Sophie,  pay for my expertise and eyes on their brand, not my time.

Watch this 6 minute video to see: 
  •  The before and after of Sophie's presentation

  •  Inside my creative marketing brain 

  •  The process I would follow if I worked on your brilliant brand!
Frequently Asked Questions
Are you a designer Liz? 
Nope, but I've got more than 20 years experience building corporate brands. I can spot brilliant branding at 100 paces, which isn't bad considering I'm short-sighted.  I've spent most of my time creating PowerPoint presentations for everything for online events, webinars, customer briefings, sales presentations. You name it, I've probably done a presentation for it! Want to learn more about me, have a look at my career snapshot here.
How long will it take for you to do my presentation?
It depends. Is it just one slide you need doing e.g. your credentials slide or 150 slides for a course/program you run?  That's why I'd love to talk to find out your specific needs.
Liz, do you create the presentation, or do you outsource any of it?
You have only my eyes on your brand, I don't outsource any of this service.
But Liz, what happens if I change my mind?  
Once you've paid me and I have received the slides you want me to review & edit the payment is non-refundable.  
I have more questions. Liz, how can I contact you? 
Easy, ping me an email I usually respond in the same business day. I'm based in the UK, and only work Monday – Friday 10am to 4pm, unless there is a UK public holiday then I’m out with my family having fun. 

How Much Is It?
This solution is bespoke, so it depends on what you need in what timeline. 

I do take advance bookings so you can schedule your project in with me, for a 50% non-refundable deposit.

Remember you're not paying for my time, you're paying for my expertise and eyes on your brand.
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