Using my ninja superpower I spot the brilliance in your brand and take your business from bland to grand.
What Is the Brilliant Brand Brandstorm?
Is your brand bland? I bet you're not, so let's bring some va va voom into your brand and your business. 

With this 1:1 brand storm I'll shine a light on what makes you brilliant, so that you can focus on being marvellous, not mediocre. 

You set up your business to run it your way right? Is it living up to your dream, or are you finding that the hustle isn't living up to the hype?

Do you desire a business where you can transform lives, earn your worth & love what you do every day?

Me too. 

During this 90 minute brandstorm, we'll get to the bottom of where you are today, where you want to be and I'll share the exact strategy you need to bridge the gap.

With this service I ask that you sign my non-disclosure agreement.  Why?  I need to get down into the engine room of your business.  I want you to have the freedom to be completely honest and give you the confidence and re-assurance to know that your business secrets are safe.
Who is the Marketing Ninja?
My Branding Career

I've grown up in the tech industry.  Since the halcyon days of the mid 90s, when it was boom time and the internet was revolutionising our culture, business and technology through to the emergence of social media. It's been a blast. 

I've learned the inside hacks of brand building at global brands and am now bringing this knowledge to online entrepreneurs. 

You too can build a brilliant brand, without spending a fortune.
My 10 years at Adobe

10 years at any company is a long time. 
At a major tech company it was never dull. Change and disruption were the norm, which suited me as I'm super adaptable. 

Click here to find out more about my marketing career at Adobe. 

You can also check me out on LinkedIn here.
What do others think about Brandstorm?
I recently had a marketing call with Liz Wilkins and it was AMAZING.  I got so much insight and feedback into my marketing (found LOTS of places where I was making mistakes!) and clear, actionable steps to get working on. 

I'm so glad that I met Liz, and can't wait to put her advice into practice. 

Liz just cuts through the noise and gets straight to what's wrong.

Hannah Martin, The Talented Ladies Club
As a result of my branding brainstorm with Liz and taking the action she recommended my brand came to life. 

My brand now feels in alignment with who I am, my beliefs, and it has become part of me. My audience immediately saw a difference and felt a connection to me in a way they hadn’t before. 

I went from being another face online to being noticed and immediately recognisable. Since the brand brainstorm my business has gone from strength to strength.  

Becky Strafford, Marketing and  Launch Strategist
I'm so confident that your personal brandstorm strategy will transform how you operate in your brand that I offer a 100% refund if you are not happy with the results you achieve from this service.

But let me qualify that, to qualify for a 100% refund you must: 

1) Take action on all of the suggestions I make during our call.
2) Implement the actions within 21 days of our call.
3) Provide documented evidence of the action you've taken, including copies of any screenshots/emails/website revisions etc.
4) Request the refund via email within 30 days of our call.

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