Using my ninja superpower I spot the brilliance in your brand and create 10 bespoke and beautifully branded Facebook templates so your posts scream "HELLO! It's ME!"
What Are Bespoke Brand Tempates?
Bespoke Brand Templates help your brand to shine. It's like a great big neon sign saying: "Hello, it's me again", but far more subtle and sophisticated than that.

Here's a quick example of a brand template I created for the lovely mindset ninja Heather Gray. Now Heather's brand is what I like to call classic. She uses a rich blue as a key colour, if you're friends with Heather on Facebook you'll notice when she does FB Lives, the wall in her office is the same colour.

Now your brand may be completely different to Heather's and the beauty is whatever I create will feel and look like you. I spot the brilliance in your brand and make it shine through.

With these templates I remove the frustration you have of having to start from scratch in Canva every single time you want to create a post.

You can also choose to have templates for your FB group or your FB biz page. You choose up to a maximum of 10 templates in total.
With these templates you’ll be able to build your brand confidently, knowing that when you post, you'll always look like you! Even when you’re not in the image.

Even when FB group owners say “no branded” posts, your brand will still shine through.

The pain of what your posts look like will be taken away so that you can focus on the message, not what the accompanying image looks like. 
Is This For Me?
If you want to consistently post on Facebook, and creating images is a chore, you'll love this service.

It's also perfect for any online entrepreneur who wants a more cohesive and consistent visual identity. I've even helped entrepreneurs who already have a fabulous brand but don't have the energy or inclination to do it themselves.

This is NOT for you if your brand is so well known that if your name wasn’t on the FB post, people would know it was you!
What Happens When I Sign Up?
Step 1: we talk!
Step 2: I stalk!
You’ll receive a link to my diary so we can have a 20-minute branding call to discuss your exact requirements.

On the call, you’ll choose the style of templates and confirm your visual brand details (font’s, colours, logos).
Not in a creepy way though! It's purely for audit purposes, darling!  Plus you've given me permission to stalk you.

I'll probably friend you, and if you have a Facebook Group I'll ask to join it, I'll check out your website and your other social media profiles. So don't be surprised when you see me!

Why? I want to spend time getting to know you and your brand.

Step 3: I get creative!
Step 4: You review the brand templates
I’ll then start the creative process to give you 10 “on brand” templates.

Remember, you can choose whether you want those templates to include your logo or not. Or perhaps a mix of both.
The sample templates with be posted in a “NinjaTestingOnly” secret Facebook Group just for us, where you can say “Yay! I love that” or “Nay, I don’t like that”.

Most folks say I get it spot on 95% of the time, on the first round!
I hope I can delight you with 100%.

Step 5: You receive the editable templates
Step 6: I check in with you!
When you’re happy with the templates, I’ll share the original Canva templates with you.

You can re-purpose them for your business.

So you’ll own your templates, not me!

Yes, two weeks after you've received the branding templates I'll email you to see how you are getting on with the templates.


I want you to build a brilliant brand. 

Brilliant Branding Just Got Easier
With these 10 new brand templates you have the flexibility to choose the right template for your next Facebook post.

The Canva templates I produce for you are so easy to use, and if you need help I'll be on call to help you. 
  •  Be building a briliant brand. Consistency is key to building a brilliant brand. So whichever template you use you will ALWAYS be on brand.
  •  Be able to post more quickly. You'll never be sat in front of Canva trying to find the right style for your post. Creating content will be so much quicker. 
  •  Allow your message to shine through. You wlll be immediately recognisable, even when you can't add your logo.
Posting beautiful branded images to Facebook has never been simpler!

PS If Facebook group owners won't let you post "branded" images, fear not! I have a solution for that too!
Brilliant Brand Templates Love!
Here's some branding love I've received from a delighted client Heather Gray of 
"Liz astounded me with her branding brilliance when she created new templates for my Facebook group.
She spotted that I hadn't used the "Stop compromising" phrase in my Choose to Have it All Facebook community.
Simply adding this into my Facebook group header helped to completely shift the perception of my group.

Not only that, I now have 9 other templates which I can easily re-purpose when posting on Facebook."
Frequently Asked Questions
Are you a designer Liz? 
Nope, but I've got more than 20 years experience building corporate brands. I can spot brilliant branding at 100 paces, which isn't bad considering I'm short-sighted. Want to learn more about me, have a look at my career snapshot here
Do I really have to wait 5 working days for my brand templates? 
Yes, once we've had our brand call it wil take 5 working days. I'm usually faster than that, but I don't want to disappoint you, so please expect up to 5 working days. 
Liz, do you do the entire brand audit, or do you outsource any of it?
You have only my eyes on your brand, I don't outsource any of this service.
But Liz, what happens if I change my mind?  
Once you book your initial 40-minute brand call with me, the payment is non-refundable. 
I have more questions. Liz, how can I contact you? 
LEasy, ping me an email I usually respond in the same business day. I'm based in the UK, and only work Monday – Friday 10am to 4pm, unless there is a UK public holiday then I’m out with my family having fun. 

How Much Is It?
It's £197 for 10 bespoke templates, yes 10! That's only £19:70 per template

You'll also get my brain on your brand.

Once you've booked your branding call this service is non-refundable (see frequently asked questions above).
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